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Dental Implants

Dental implants have provided patients with an excellent replacement for natural teeth. When teeth are lost, added stresses are transferred to the remaining dentition, which further accelerate this destructive process. As the patient ages, these stresses typically result  in the loss of additional teeth and/or bone.

As our ability to chew food diminishes, such individuals suffer nutritional disturbances due to the inability to properly chew a healthy diet. Others are in jeopardy of pathologic jaw fracture from progressive bone loss. Tooth loss also contributes to bite disturbances, which may manifest as either acute and/or chronic facial pain in the form of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Dr. Gulino can evaluate your bone for implant placement.  The overall goal of treatment is to restore function to the edentulous or partially edentulous maxilla or mandible. If you have any missing teeth, have difficulty with speech, or TMJ pain. Please feel free to ask any questions on our blog. If you have had an implant please share your experience and how you feel with the implant.

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